StudentWhat catch up with the up and coming App sensation Sorted.

Sorted App

Sorted AppHere at StudentWhat we love finding ways students can earn money easily. So we were very happy when we discovered Sorted. The App that lets you post and receive jobs and acts as “A Marketplace for Local Tasks”. This could be the next big thing to rock the student world so we caught up with one of Sorted’s founders and Marketing Director James Pursey to learn more about how students can turn spare time into cash!


StudentWhat catch up with the up and coming App sensation Sorted.



So could you give us a quick Intro to Sorted?


Hi Sam, pleasure to be featured on StudentWhat.


Sorted ( is a mobile app that’s a marketplace for local tasks.


Essentially we want to enable ‘Sorters’ to make money in their spare time by doing odd jobs nearby. So if you need some extra cash because you blew your student loan on a shiny new iPad and too much beer in freshers week you can cut some grass, deliver someone’s shopping or clean someone’s flat and get paid to do it!


Or if your stupidly busy all the time, you can pay other people to do stuff for you so you can free up some time!


Awesome, where did the idea come from then?


We were activly looking for a business to create so sat in a cafe for a stupidly long time and just brainstormed out a shed load of ideas. We looked into a few things but nothing bit, until one of us asked the question ‘as a student, how can I make £100 in a week?’ about 30 seconds later we had the basic concept of Sorted, and we havn’t looked back since.


So how can it help students?


Students are a massive part of our strategy – We want to help them make as much cash as possible on our platform, and for the priveliged ones that have got some cash in the bank and just want to sleep all day, we can help them to do exactly that!


When you download our app you can instantly request a task and/or offer to do a task for someone nearby! Everything is localised so you’ll only see what’s within walking distance. There will be tonnes of people asking for stuff to be done and it will all be non-expert so you don’t need any qualifications or references to get work and get paid!


In other words, want to make cash? Get it Sorted!


The App sounds great! How about you? What’s your background?


I’m a recent graduate, went to Southampton University a couple of years ago! I ran a student discount company on the south coast and was the president of Fish on Toast, the enterprise society there!


When I graduated I went to work for a startup recruitment firm (most boring 3 months of my life), then I helped build helloU ( a VC backed student media company which many of you have probably heard of and If you havn’t….check it out!


I quit helloU back in March of this year to go full time on Sorted.


Impressive! So when is Sorted going live?


The app is built and ready to go live, its been approved by Apple as well so we can put it live whenever we fancy! We’re working on a couple of strategies surrounding the supply side of the marketplace at the moment and will launch as soon as that’s squared away!


Should definitely be within the next 6 weeks!


Finally, how is SortedApp different from other apps?


There isn’t currently a mobile app in the UK for people to get tasks done and make money! The closest thing to us would probably be a service like Gumtree, which is web based clasifieds.


With Sorted you post a task and the person that responds to you is round the corner from you and ready to start work immediately! The whole process is much faster, and with that comes more opportunities to make money as well!


Was great interviewing with you Sam!


Everyone can sign up to get their hands on Sorted the second it goes live, by smashing their email address in at


Thanks James. We are all signed up on the list and look forward to ‘Getting it Sorted!’



So there you have it! Pretty awesome app with endless potential if you ask us! If you have any questions for us send us a message here and we will get back to you with the answers you need as soon as possible (We reply to every comment and email). Also follow us on twitter @studentwhat and like us on our Facebook page to make sure you keep up with all our vital guides, competitions and discount offers. 

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