What you should take to Uni – Food and Drink – Fresher Guide

what food to take to university or college

When you get to university or college you are in a new place, in a new area and surrounded by new people. So the last thing you want to be doing is stressing about a shopping list and spending ages trying to find the supermarket while everyone else in your flat/hall are busy getting to know each other. Here is a list of food and drink you could take to university to avoid all the hassle. (and let your parents buy it for you so you have more money for Freshers week!)



What you should take to Uni – Food and Drink

This list should get you through the first few days with out any trouble.



  1. Pasta – You can get 3Kg bags if you want to buy in bulk. We recommend the 1Kg bags.
  2. Pasta Sauces – Make sure you get ones you like (we like pesto).
  3. Rice – Easy basic carbs in a bag. Get boil in the bag if you can’t cook at all yet. (Click here for our guide to cooking the perfect rice)
  4. Baked Beans – Nothing beats baked beans on toast.
  5. Salt, pepper and mixed herbs – Can make basic dishes taste good.
  6. Ketchup/Brown Sauce – Again can hide your terrible cooking.
  7. Cereal – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  8. Soup – Last forever and is easy to make.
  9. Tinned Veg -Lasts long, easy to cook and helps keep you healthy.
  10. Other Sauces – E.g Chicken Curry Sauce then all you need is to cook chicken!



All you need to get ready to consume Fresher!!

  1. Alcohol – Great for confidence and meeting people!
  2. Alcohol – Great for causing drunk texting and making friends!
  3. Alcohol – Great for loss of memory so you can’y remember the 2 above!
  4. Fruit Juice – Great for the next day hangover.
  5. Squash – For cheap relatively tasty drinks alcoholic and non (get the double concentration supermarket brands)
  6. Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate – Will help you get through the Freshers Flu.


So there you have it. If you want to know more about stuff to take to Uni for The Kitchen click here. We hope that helps any questions feel free to Contact Us or comment below.